IOSCO Releases Report on FinTech

The International Organization of Securities Commissions released a research report on financial technologies. The report highlights the increasingly important intersection between financial technology (Fintech) and securities market regulation, and describes the impact it has on investors and financial services.

The IOSCO Research Report on Financial Technology describes a variety of innovative business models and emerging technologies that are transforming the financial services industry, including:

• financing platforms: peer-to-peer lending and equity crowdfunding;

• retail trading and investment platforms, including robo-advisers and social trading;

• institutional trading platforms, with a specific focus on innovation in bond trading platforms;

• distributed ledger technologies, including application of the blockchain technology and shared ledgers to the securities markets.

The report analyzes both the opportunities and risks that each of these new technologies presents to investors, securities markets and their regulators.


IOSCO Report

IOSCO Press Release

Already in October 2016 the Federal Ministry of Finance has released a study concerning the Fintech market in Germany:

View article and study fintech market in Germany of the Federal Ministry of Finance October 2016


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